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Modern Combat 5 MOGA Controller Fix after much messing about I we have Modern Combat 5 & MOGA controller working with limited lag. The secret is to remove any additional helper apps you have installed for the Moga, remove the controller from Pivot and resync as B MODE. Then start Modern Combat 5 and set your Sensitivity to 100% and Aim Sensitivity to 75% (Thanks bradleyg5 for the settings) It’s not perfect but it’s considerably better than A mode and is not close to playable with only a slight slugish feeling, also gone is the Iron site bug which is great and makes it much more playable.

Modern Combat 5 First Look Review so Gameloft have shoved Modern Combat 5 out the door and it’s not all rosy. Graphics are improved but the game has take a massive step backwards with it’s control system that feels laggy especially on controllers. Multiplayer is likewise a laggy mess in Modern Combat 5. Modern Combat 5’s 4 classes add a nice splash of variety and the scripted action sequences would feel right at home in COD. However it’s hard not to feel Gameloft rushed an unfinished and buggy game out the door, their really is no excuse for such poor control response either using touch controls or a controller.

Battlefield Hardline Delayed by EA to allow more time to polish Battlefield Hardline, or were EA scared off by COD and Destiny’s Pre-order numbers? It seems likely that EA got cold feet realising that 3 shooters in the market so close together and with the relative strength of the competition EA weren’t going to see big sales numbers.

Voyager Air 2 Review we have been putting the Voyager Air 2 from Corsair through it’s paces over the last week and have come away very impressed with the Hardware and Software on offer. The Voyager Air 2 offers great flexibility in connecting the drive into your digital life with loads of options that should satisfy even the most hardened road warrior. See the first look review

The Death of F2P Free to Play in today’s opinion video I discuss the repercussions of Google removing Free2Play games that have IAP’s and the impact this is going to have across the eco-systems. Google has said it won’t list games with IAP’s as Free2Play, Apple on the other hand is defending it’s systems as having ample parental controls. Let me know in the comments what you think!

Destiny Beta Review PlayStation 4 I’ve spent the weekend playing Destiny non-stop and I have to say it’s near perfection. Delivering a knock out blow of FPS action, Co-op Gameplay and PVP game mechanics that blends nicely with the over arching narrative. Destiny delivers something really next-gen and it does it with style and ambition rarely seen in a shooter today.

Xbox One Doomed to Third Place? With the latest Xbox One sales numbers now out and Sony once again claiming the Top spot we ask the question, Is Microsoft doomed to Third Place in the console war behind Nintendo? Microsoft’s exclusive release slate for the next year looks weak with many of the console shipping games not due to 2015. With Sony so strong and Nintendo due to launch Fusion around 2016 with more power than the PS4 on paper, could this spell third place for Microsoft this cycle?

Doom has ID Tech 6 Game Engine well this is good news, Doom will make use of a new engine, ID Tech 6 will power Doom with an all new engine that looks certain to impress. No word if Carmack was involved in it’s creation before he left and no word is MegaTextures will feature (lets hope not)

Carmageddon Reincarnation Update 4 Pre-Alpha has gone live adding new cars, routes and the Action Replay camera system. Also a major performance pass has been made resulting in a big boost in frame-rate. Carmageddon Reincarnation is shaping up really nicely. CHECK THIS LOT OUT: Cars: Stiffshifter (Gameplay Ready) Volkswerker (Complete) Bear (Complete) Tashita (Complete) Environments: Bleak City - Outskirts 1 new route — Rushin’ Roulette MagNuChem — The Core New arena! 1 Route — Core Blimey Mate MagNuChem - Reprocessor 3 new routes! Bridge of Cries Pier Pressure Pass the Port Dusty Trails — National Park No new routes Powerups have been rejigged. Frosty Pass — Rig Wreck New and improved! Now with more girth! New Powerups! Spastic Opponents Suicidal Peds Jelly Suspension Wall Climber

Windows 9 Start Menu with Tiles Leaks looks like Microsoft is getting closer to Windows 9’s final form or at least how the Start Menu will return in Windows 9. I’ve spoken to my contacts at Microsoft that says the Screenshot aligns perfectly with their knowledge of the situation at Microsoft, although they haven’t seen the most up-to date build. They say if it’s a fake it’s bang on for the current design thinking at Microsoft. Take that as you will, but this does appear to be the real deal.

Xbox Division Not For Sale say Microsoft It’s official Microsoft is not putting Xbox up for sale to a new owner. We didn’t really expect them to but news they were talking to Amazon and others about a price at least makes it sound like they went through the motions of understanding Xbox’s value to the company. “We are fortunate to have Xbox in our family to go after this opportunity with unique and bold innovation,” Nadella wrote. “Microsoft will continue to vigorously innovate and delight gamers with Xbox. Xbox is one of the most-revered consumer brands, with a growing online community and service, and a raving fan base.”

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