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Unreal Tournament 2014 Pre Alpha Preview Epic have released an official build of the new Unreal Tournament 2014 this Pre-Alpha test code offers a handful of maps and a weapons to test out. So far Unreal Tournament 2014 is looking great, it has the speed and Rocket Jumps are in and working.

Sims 4 No Day One Reviews EA has no confidence in Sims 4 and so won’t be sending our review samples to the press the week before release. This usually signals that the publisher in question knows the game is going to bomb and wants what ever sales it can get before the backlash happens. My advice is AVOID Sims 4 until you know what the press think, cancel your pre-order while you are at it, I have!

PlayStation 4 PlayBudz MK2 PS4 Review It’s always nice when a product improves and with the MK2 PlayBudz the product has improved considerably. Playbudz are an add-on for your PlayStation 4 controller that extends the handles allowing for a more comfortable fit for folks with big hands. Check out the PlayBudz website for more info: The first version didn’t feel like a quality product being too heavy and difficult to attach the MK2 PlayBudz solve all those problems and they really work!

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 72 hours free play on EA Origin, looks like EA is trying hard to win Hearts and Minds with Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare offering 72 hours of free play if your a PC user. To get the game sign into EA’s Origin download service and search for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Download and the timer starts when you first launch the game.

PlayStation 4 Share Play limited to just 60 minutes Sony appear to have scored a PR blow back from the way they handled the Share Play announcement for PS4. They let us all think it had no limits by not announcing a limit then follow up a few days later by saying its only 60 minutes of Share Play time. Well done Sony for using the Microsoft playbook, welcome to your first Playstation 4 backlash.

Samsung VR a Note 3 Accessory? Sure looks like Samsung is going to make use of a separate accessory for the smartphone to give VR a try. We know they are providing Note 3 screen to Oculus and now it seems the plan really is to use your existing Note 3 device and just clip it into the Samsung VR system. Keeps the costs down that’s for sure.

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